Text Message 4440

Insyd d elevator, der ws a Nurse & a girl..

Suddnly, d door of d elevator opens.
Dey saw a boy rushing 2 ride insde bt d Nurse   closed d elev8or immedi8ly.

D grl got curious & askd d Nurse:
“Y did u do dat?”

D Nurse replied:
“I know him!
He’s 1 of our patients hu died   ystrday.
Did u see dat red tag on his wrist? We put red tags on dead patients!”

D girl raised her wrist & asked..

“Like this?!”

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  • Gwyneth says:

    OMG sooooo scaaaaarryyyy

  • jazmin says:

    i have a red tag and i am partyin wit my friends and they also have a red tag

  • wae55 says:

    ughh thts weird and scary

  • Cianna says:

    hehe….tat was scary…im scared now…:(

  • mario says:

    This is stupid not even a lil scary:( 🙁

  • Varunn says:

    Suuper scary

  • Nyrelle says: